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Bonnie and Clyde (Arthur Penn, US, 1967)

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 I didn’t expect to enjoy Bonnie andClydeas much as I did, but it was a great movie. I loved so many different aspects of the movie and the movie was just so well made. I really enjoyed how the movie started out, by introducing the characters with pictures of their family and a little written biography of them. I thought this was very interesting, because I had yet to see a film in our class that started out this way. I also LOVE the music. The music for each moment in the movie is perfect especially in the chase scenes where it turns into this fast paced western music.


One scene I thought was a little awkward was the scene at the beginning of the movie, after she sees Clyde trying to steal her mothers car and she gets dressed and runs down the stairs. The way Arthur Penn chose to frame that scene was strange for me because it was such a  low angle shot and all you can really see is the silhouette of Bonnie coming down the stairs. It seems strange because I feel like I have never seen this angle in a movie, and it just seems a bit vulgar since it seems like the camera is looking up her dress, although we cannot see anything because everything is very dark.

 It’s very easy to see how sexually charged Bonnie’s character is. Her sexuality is apparent in the opening scene when she is laying there naked on the bed, everything about her just screams sex. The fact that she’s naked in  her house, the way the camera zooms in to look at her eyes is all very sexual. It’s also very apparent the moment afterClyderobs that little store in her town with a gun, and they run off in the car to an open grassland. The whole ride there Bonnie is just kissing on his neck, and as soon asClydestops the car she wants to have sex with him. It’s a funny scene because he rejects her saying , “Hey slow down. Hey, cut it out! Alright, I might as well tell you right off alright now I might as well tell you right off I ain’t much of a lover boy. Ain’t nothing wrong with you ,I ain’t never seen no percentage in it. Nothing wrong with me I don’t like boys!” It interesting to see how she feels so insulted when he rejects her. It seems as if he’s just put a blow to her ego. It’s interesting to see how Bonnie almost defines herself by her sexuality, and is so forward about it withClyde.

 I really enjoyed this movie because it show this crime doing couple, and its cute to see that they love each other no matter how bad the other is. In fact it is very intriguing for them to do crime together, and I think this is what’s so appealing about the film. I think people sometimes wish to escape with their loved ones and just do whatever they want. The fact that this film advertises this sort of freedom in breaking the law is very intriguing to an audience, especially to those who are always abide by the laws and have always wanted to experience something like this. I love the relationship Bonnie andClydehave, because it’s based on the adrenaline rush they get from being with one another, and that’s what makes them fall in love so deeply. I think this movie also shows the good side of the bad guys, showing us Bonnie’s family, showing that she is human and cares about her mother just like everyone else does. Also the fact thatClydeis just so damn charming, and how much he really cares for Bonnie. I think that throughout the whole movie, we are rooting that they never get caught, because the audience feels like they have been through so much with them. The way that they die in the end is just so brutal, but I cannot argue that it was a good ending. I think this movie, like many others influence and fuel American’s love with crime and violence ridden movies.


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   Jeen Kim

2011/12/14 @ 6:36 pm

I completely agree, this is one of those movies where you want the criminal protagonist(s)to succeed. I also agree that Bonnie is defined by her sexuality, because this was something the filmmakers had more freedom to play with now.



2011/12/16 @ 1:39 am

I did like how sex played an interesting part in this film. These are one of the parts I rooted for Clyde. I think the sex in this was prolonged because they wanted a good lead up to it. maybe to show that Clyde can’t just sleep with any woman but a woman he has feelings for. So when Bonnie and Clyde finally had sex, you better believe i was rooting for Clyde. Silently of course!

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