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Written on the Wind (Douglas Sirk, US, 1956)

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Written on the Wind is a very interesting movie in terms of relationships. Mitch Wayne meets Lucy Moore, who later becomes his best friend Kyle Hadley’s wife.  The whole situation is strange because Mitch is obviously attracted to Lucy, yet Kyle still makes a move on her. It’s interesting to see that although Kyle is his best friend, he makes a move on her without even seeing or considering that Mitch may be attracted to Lucy. It shows a sense of selfishness. After Lucy marries Kyle it seems as though she happy only for the beginning of the relationship, but towards the end she starts to realize that Kyle is a compulsive alcoholic. I didn’t expect her to marry Kyle so soon, and found it strange that they were even together because they just didn’t seem like the right fit. Another relationship that is also very interesting is the relationship that Hadley’s sister has with Mitch. She is very manipulative, and is a sort of femme fatale of this movie. She will go to any extent to get Mitch, including sabotaging her own brother’s relationship with Mitch. She makes Kyle believe that Mitch is getting with his wife, because if she can’t get with Mitch then she’s going to make his life impossible. It’s also weird to see Mitch that doesn’t want Marylee since she is a very attractive woman. This just goes to show that looks aren’t everything. It also shows this recurrent theme that goes on in daily relationships, that most often when a woman is lusting for a man the man is disinterested in her. But the minute the woman stops her showing interest in a man, the man will chase after her. This movie makes for a very interesting psychological study of relationships between people, between best friends, best friends and their partners, and best friends and their families.


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