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Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, US, 1941)

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Barabara Stanwyck is a great actress in the movie Lady Eve. She is very funny, seductive, and playful in this role. We are able to see her act out very serious scenes, and also acting out comedic scenes as well. We are able to see how she “plays” with Charles and toys with his mind. One scene in particular was quite funny, in which Jean tells Charles about all the men she’s been with before him. It’s quite surprizing to see how promiscuous she was before marrying Charles, and its surprizing that they allowed a woman on screen to talk about how many people shes been with in such a big production. This scene is also funny because it starts out by Charles telling Jean what distinguishes a man from a beast, the ability to understand and to forgive. She asks him to repeat himself, because she knows that he will need to be able to forgive her for her past and who she’s been with. Everytime she mentions a new man’s name they cut to the scene of the train blowing steam out of the top, with a loud noise. The train is shown to emphasize Charles’ surprize everytime he hears a new name, and the way the directors put this scene together makes it very funny and enjoyable to watch.

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